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    Cloverfield Paradox got panned by reviews but I can't help but absolutely love it. now I do think its the weakest of the three movies but it gave us more questions, gave us some answers and the PR and marketing department was on point with the ARG and giving us the movie with almost no notice. It was such a great surprise and made the movie more of an event. Let's hope Overlord is better.


    Here's what critics have to say:

    The third Cloverfield film is just about a Cloverfield film, but definitely a disappointment, trading on its name but not living up to its already muddled heritage. Only intermittently fun. Full review

    At this point, the "Cloverfield" concept just means: a vaguely "monstrous" franchise from the dark side that means whatever the hell we want it to mean. Full review

    This third movie in the Cloverfield series deflects attention from a giant monster and instead focuses on an odd, unstable mishmash of moods and tones, gamely held together by a fine cast. Full review

    The problem with retrofits is that they can’t spiral off in entertaining new directions. They have to come crashing back to Franchise-Land. Full review

    But in its final act, The Cloverfield Paradox tries to tie into its 2008 forebear in a much more literal sense, and the result feels spectacularly inept. Full review



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