By Roselillya on Feb 12, 2018 at 5:03 PM
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    According to SteamSpy, PUBG has reached the 30 million copies sold mark, which is quite an impressive feat. Although, I still don't understand the appeal of the game at all.

    As a reminder, it reached 10 million September 5.
    Next milestone was 20 million November 7th.
    As of late December, they boasted 30 million players total -- including XB1.

    To compare the pace, it took the game:
    5 months and 14 days to reach 10 million
    2 months and 3 days for 20 million
    3 months and 6 days for 30 million

    Last month it was at 27 million. Probably past its peak, but still chugging along at an insane pace.


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