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    Rule #1: One account per person.
    • Creating multiple accounts is not allowed for any reason. There is no need for multiples accounts. You are not to share your account with others. It is your account and only you are authorized to use it. Anyone found in violation will be permanently banned.
    Rule #2: Hacking and invasion of privacy will not be tolerated.
    • Any attempt to hack or threat of hacking will result in a permanent ban. We reserve the right to take legal action against the guilty party.
    • Do not attempt to guess passwords or steal an account that does not belong to you. You will be permanently banned.
    Rule #3: Respect and common courtesy.
    • Respect the opinion of your fellow members. There are always multiple opinions and they may or may not conflict with yours. Please be respectful of others. They have the right to hold an opinion just like yourself and be sure to respect their opinion as you would respect your own. If someone's opinion, belief, thoughts contradict yours, do not insult or attack them. Discuss and work out the differences instead.
    • Racist and prejudice remarks or behavior is intolerable. Inflammatory remarks of another's race, culture, country, religion, sexual orientation, gender is prohibited. We do not allow threads or posts that contain such remarks. We do not allow “hating” on anyone for any reason. Any member in violation will be noted and dealt with accordingly and may be subject to the highest severity of punishment.
    • Every member is equal to another. No member is higher or lower than another. Be it post count, join date, the number of friends, reputation or amount of shared content, it is all irrelevant. Everyone is to be treated equally and respectfully. Do not boss around another member or snub them just because you have a higher post count or reputation. Anyone that partakes in such behavior, including abuse of the reputation system will be dealt with accordingly. Please report any member that is in violation so that the staff can respond speedily.
    Rule #4: Flaming and provocation.
    • We understand that members like to remind other members of the rules, especially when they are in violation. However, there is no need to be harsh or hold a public “lynching” when someone breaks a rule. Just remind them about the rules and leave it at that. If further action needs to be taken, use the “report” button.
    • Do not attack a member if you cannot accept his or her opinion. Simply turn away and move on. There is no need to retaliate.
    • Provocation is intolerable. Any post or thread that is provoking will be deleted and the member will be dealt with accordingly. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently. However, it is also your duty to not fall into provocation. If something is provoking, use the “report” button but do not retaliate.
    • Flaming, insulting or humiliating staff in any form will not be tolerated. Anyone that is in violation will be dealt with quickly and harshly.
    Rule #5: Use proper language.
    • All members are expected to post in English unless they are posting in a language club. You are also to use proper language on all parts of the forum and website. The only place where you may be crude with your language is in the adult sections. We don't mind seeing some mild cursing here and there across the forum but we will not accept frequent cursing across the forum when it is outside the adult sections. This includes gallery comments and status updates. You are not to curse in status updates at all. Please keep in mind that there are minors on this site and they too need to be respected.
    Rule #6: Age appropriate.
    • The content on is best suited for those that are of the age of 18 and over. We are not held responsible for any content that you may find offensive or disturbing. The content found in posts and topics does not necessarily reflect the views or nature of and therefore we can not be held accountable for any action that a member may take, although we reserve the right to correct any wrong-doings. Please keep this in mind when exploring
    Rule #7: Advertising and website promotion is not allowed.
    • Creating a thread that links directly, indirectly or promotes your site or another is prohibited. Other forms of advertising such as “Free Laptops!” is not allowed. The staff will delete your post or thread without any notification and reserves the right to take further action. Advertising in the Gallery, signature area or profile page or anywhere on the website is not allowed.
    • We do not mean that you cannot post a link to another website. You are simply not allowed to post a link with the intention of promoting a website for your or another's gain. We encourage our members to have fun and meaningful discussions. Links to websites that enrich this experience, such as YouTube or GameInformer, is perfectly acceptable.
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